Scom Technologies Private Limited

We deliver total solutions by offering innovative products and services through superior technology, ensuring customer delight

As our customer's trusted business ally, Scom provides the best solutions for principles to maximize return on their Network investments. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to provide customers with innovative ideas that help them improve productivity and security. We deliver on our commitments, so customers can build strong relationships with their customers, achieve profitable growth and win in the market place.

Company Overviews

Scom's award-winning services organization is a comprehensive and robust suite of offers in which Scom consults, enables, supports, manages, optimizes and even outsources its client's team engagement, customer engagement and networking solutions. Scom's services enable customers and partners to mitigate risk, reduce total cost of ownership and optimize solution performance based on customer's unique business needs.

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Events 2016

April 1st, 2016
Bharti Airtel Limited

Won Wifi Service Contract across India.

April 12th, 2016
Shenzhen Tozed Technologies Co.Ltd, China

Signed Partnership for 4G and Wireless Products for India.

May 3rd , 2016
NetPlus Broadband Services P Ltd

Signed Contract for Docsis Modem Installaions in Punjab.

May 06, 2016
Shenzhen Hexicom Technologies Co.,LTD.

Signed Partnership for Docsis CPE, Master, EOC Slave and Cable Modem.